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how to print names on t shrits using heat press and printers...I am really new to this i have just bought a heat press machine

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Hi everyone

I am new to this and was wondering if anyone can help me

I have bought a heatpress machine and would like to print names and designs on tshirts could someone show or tell me how this is done ...step by step PLEASE.....I have no idea.....what is the best printer to do this and also do I need to have special software to make a print of someones name to put on to the t shirt??? any help is greatly appreciated...THANKS
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Are you wanting to do 1-2 color options or full picture options?
I think your request is a bit too general. There is a ton of info on this forum. Spend the time to read about printers, presses and general marketing . That will give you more insight as to what you need to do. It is not realistic to expect someone to " give step by step instructions"
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Thanks for your reply...I am looking to put names in one colour.....I am wondering if I go to word on my computer and go to word art and put name on then print??? If I use Pink lettering on word art will it come out pink on my transfer paper.?? Also what is the best way to trim the parts I do not want to use??

Thanks for your help and time
Since you already have a press you might consider adding a cutter. That would allow you to cut and press vinyl on the shirts. Great for doing names.
Hi thanks for your reply....I have now decided to get myself a vinyl cutter could you or anyone reading this message please advise me on which is the easiest machine to set up and use also I am looking for a 34 inch cutter but would only like to pay no more that £350....any advise would be grateful...I am looking just to put names on Tshirts and some sashes which are 30 inch long....thanks in advance for all your help
Well with $550 US dollars I would buy a GCC Expert 24, some vinyl and go at it. Now on the cheap end you could get your self a US cutter for aprox 110-115 pounds, mate. But you wanted simple set up so I would stay away from them. If you want to cut transfers with cutter your gonna have to spend a little more If set up not an issue I would look at Uk cutters...to save on shipping and customs charges. Not as easy to set up buy the LIyu cutter will contour cut, all beit manually.
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any of the major manufacturers
all you could ever want to know.
cup of coffee, and watch the vids
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