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How to print b&w photos & a filled up type of sweater?

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Hello! I have recently got into the business of screen printing thanks to my dad. I was originally gonna use the crappy heat transfer papers you can get in Wal-Mart but after much thinking, I realized that if I was going to sell this, they deserved better. So I started looking into screen printing. I have no experience with screen printing. BUT, my dad used to sell these a while back, so he can help me with the technical stuff (although i would like to learn). I have 2 questions & they're both about printing the image on the sweater/whatever.

1) my first question is how to print b&w photos. I already know how to print them in transparent film/ paper so I'm all set for that, but my question for that topic is if i need to do other things for the graphic to print correctly. And also, if when I lets say learned how to do it and printed it on the transfer film and got it all set on the board, etc. would i need to do the 2 color technique thing (white first then black)?

2) After experience, I would like to learn how to do these ; http://www.kingknightsports.com/uploadfile/content/2013032906153998.jpg and if its even possible to print these on my own?

Please go into full detail when explaining because I need all the help I can get!

----- please also list the extra materials I would need besides the board, photoshop, the squeege, the things to prep the board (the emulsion thing), basically all the things i need that doesnt come in a basic kit for screen printing.----

******I am going to this by hand/w.o machines (ik thats bad but i have a way to do this successfully so pls trust me, lol) so dont go into mechanical detail... *********


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1) for B&W photo printing, the more colors you use the better the result

Some design would required 1 screens, some 3 screens and more.

Here are exemple of separated file :

You will need trials an error to fine tune your techniques, learn to control dot gain, introducing more color for tonal range control...

If you are 100% new to screenprinting, you can read as well mitch different separation book

2) This is sublimation process, you need wide format printer, and huge heat press.
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