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How to price Wholesale cut vinyl? & Do I weed?

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I mostly do retail and wholesale rhinestone transfers but I have a few wholesale customers that want me to cut vinyl for them. I'm realizing though, that I don't charge enough to actually weed the material and still make money. So my question is, if I supply the vinyl and cut the design to sell wholesale, do I tell the customer they need to weed it theirselves? If I should weed it, how to I charge enough to make up for the labor time?
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Great questions - and I am of the belief that you should be weeding it so all they do is press. The trick - how do you charge enough and not loose the job. When I am in the delimma - I have an easy to weed flat rate and a hard to weed flat rate. I hope the hard to weed discourages them from wanting it and if they still want it then I know they really need it. I also discount regular customers who want to do their own weeding. Just not enough time nor do I want to pay someone just to do weeding. Although I do have folks who love weeding - I on the other hand - hate it. So for price - experience will tell you how long it should take and figure a rate of $15 an hour and that is gracious.
I hate weeding too and since I mostly do rhinestones, I'm definietly not fast. My thought is leaning towards either they can pay less and weed it on their own, or they can get it from someone else who deals with this more. I hate to lose the business, but I also hate to lose money on time lost I could be focusing on my main nitch....and maybe get my website done that I've been trying to get done for YEARS, lol!!!
Could not agree more - anything that takes away from your main money maker is not good. Consider charging less to keep the customer. Also if it is not weeded less hassle for the sticky carrier.
I would like to get an idea of what people do charge to weed for easy and hard jobs, just in case the customer is willing to pay.
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