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I have equipment that I've barely used over the past year and I need to sell because I'm moving. Where should I sell (craigslist hasn't been effective) and what should I price each item for? I just don't want to undervalue my equipment but I really need to get rid of my equipment ASAP. I'm in North New Jersey.

Any thoughts?

Equipment includes:
1. Epson Printer with black max kit (comes with extra set of black ink)
2. Vastex V1000 (4 station/6 color) Printing Press
3. Built Screen Drying Unit:
4. Vastex VRS Registration System
5. Browning Numbering System
6. Dip tank
7. National Heat Press
8. Vastex E-1000 Exposure Unit
9. Vastex F-1000 Flash Cure
10. Vastex D-100 Dryer

Other shop items:
1. Multiple good screens ranging from 105 mesh - 305. I also have a few larger and a few smaller mesh count screens
2. Plastisol and waterbased ink mixing system
3. Multiple random paints
4. Lots of squeegees and other tools
5. Transparency film

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You can also post on digitsmith.com and, of course, on Ebay.

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