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How to price for the little man shop

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I'm a screen printer from my garage basically word of mouth. Now I always get stuck pricing quotes. This is all under the table. This next job is 20 shirts 1 color front and back on white shirts and their names (vinyl) on the sleeve. How do I price them without them taking their business elsewhere ?

Thanks in advance

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Ok but how do you know what vinyl costs for 20 names?
Your supplier should be able to provide you with a price per sq ft. Take a measurement of the area that the names will be applied and see how many times that area will fit into 1 sq ft...this will allow you to do some math to determine how many sq ft of vinyl will be needed for the names. Take the number of sq ft need x cost of vinyl + labor = your total cost. Total Cost x 3 = Quote
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Measure how big the name is. Multiply that by 20. That's how much vinyl you will use. Allow a little extra for weed boxes.

You can never ensure you'll get the job. Maybe someone will price higher and still get it. Who knows.
Pricing is one of the most difficult aspects of business. You are too low, you don't make money, you are too high, you don't get the job. I would build a price compared to overall competition in your area. I was never the lowest, nor was I the highest. I priced according to overhead plus profit. In reference to the title of the thread, I wouldn't price it because you are a "little man shop", if you do, you will always be a "little man shop". Price it for growth. Working out of your home can be challenging, but offer free delivery in your area, in other words, go to them so they don't have to go to you. It's a value added service that people/companies will appreciate.
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