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With baseball season here, your teams will want their screen printed transfers applied to a split front jersey. Heat printing on these jerseys takes a little more time, but is easy to do. Try to order jerseys that have buttons that are spaced at least 6" apart.


These work best for printing. When ordering your screen printed transfers be sure to request the middle of your image that will be between the buttons is sized to fit that area.

To apply:
1. Cut your print into two parts just left of center, so the cut matches the split front on the shirt. Try to avoid cutting through a letter if possible.
2. Keep your jersey fully buttoned and place on the platen of your heat press. Turn pressure up to compensate for the buttons.
3. Pre-Press your jersey.
4. Position the two halves on your jersey, lining up the edge of the transfer to the split. The grid lines will help you line up your two halves.
5. Press.
6. Remove the release paper from the right side only.
7. Unbutton the jersey.
8. Open the jersey, leaving only the left half on your platen.
9. Press again.
10. Remove the release paper from the left half.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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