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If I don't have a scale for measuring the weight of the ink, is there an alternate way of measuring how much softener to mix into the ink?

I'm using water based ink (Jacquard opaque white for now, I'll probably get a different brand when I run out) and I bought this softener (Jantex JSJT3 Softener JT3 - ScreenPrintingSupplies.com) and it says to mix in 2-4% by weight, but I don't have a scale that will do fine measurements like that. Does anyone know of a different way to measure it without buying a scale? Is there a potential of ruining the print if I guess on the amount?

The Jacquard ink doesn't seem very soft and I was also hoping this might help it go through a 230 mesh (I couldn't find any curable reducer for water based inks and I'd rather not add too much water).

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