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If you are printing a transfer or cutting out a vinyl we know our cost /sq in or sq ft. We also know about what our ink cost and any other consumables. What is a general rule of thumb to markup the cost, 2x 3x's or more.
If you make an image that cost $3/sq ft and the transfer or vinyl is 1.5 sq ft and a T shirt cost $3.00 what is a reasonable retail.
Would transfer for $4.50 x2 = $9.00 and a shirt $3.00 x 2=$6 for $15, or should the shirt be a higher factor than the Transfer or both a higher factor.
Other cost of doing biz is omitted for ease of computing for this example, even though these cost are as important as cost of goods.
If there is abetter way to factor cost please let me know.
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