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Tshirtcrib said:
Although those are both great websites, if you are to sell t-shirts on-line you need a site that is both secure and easy to navigate.
for security use a payment processor.
for easy to navigate, make some html pages yourself. You will find that by doing it yourself, you will see how you can make it easy to navigate.

Home/directories/sub-directories :D

add a site map so that lost users and bots can get back on track into your site's navigation path. :rolleyes:

get a free tracker so that you can analize your visitors (Warning - Your eyes go sore after a few hrs. :) lol).

get a free shopping cart that is simple/friendly for you and Users/Se's. Unless you are selling a gazzilion items, then hire a pro with a mega database.

Set up basic permalink structures. This way users/se's will follow the same paths they have recorded in previous visits, they may even find new urls cause the permalink ones have not changed. ;)

...but you really need to play around yourself. All i have said is not written in stone. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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