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How to keep yourself organized?

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I am starting out on my screen printing shop experiance. One of my biggest worries is keeping things organized and on task. Does anyone have any suggestions to help aid in the process? (Apps or programs, or anything else)
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can't be done :)

We use a white board and write the jobs on it. We have a separate board for special work. Pegboard for job sheets and work orders, rack for garments to be done, rack for finished jobs. Bins for everything with names on them unless the job takes up a lot of boxes, then they get boxes.
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I also use a dry erase board write jobs,quotes, any thing else that needs done also helps when invoicing
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we are also set up so the work goes in a circle. jobs, inventory come in the front door, run down the south side of the building and finish on the north side before going back out the front door.
So a white board would be my best starting place? I have 6 jobs set up, and I havent even officially opened yet, so and tips on staying organized help. Thanks to both of you for the ideas.
I run a sheet with check boxes for different stages. Hangs on a clipboard and follows the order. Since I don't pay employees hourly the boxes have lines for names next to them so employees get credit for what they've done.

Like the idea of a whiteboard, anyone willing to post a pic of how's it's set up?
I am searching for a way to keep things organized. My business is growing and I am learning at the same time. I have made a sheet that has a place for contact info at top, then a big box in middle of page for details about the order, and the bottom has a qty break down so I can write in the amount quoted for the order. I find that I don't keep this a neat as I should and when the final order comes in, the numbers or some detail about the order has changed and I have a sheet with a lot of writing to figure out what is what. I then need to remember to order blanks in time to have them arrive by the time my transfers arrive. All of that is fine, but I seem to be placing way to many orders for blanks...almost daily. Once it all arrives, I print and then invoice.

It hasn't been an issue until lately...I have a file for on order (blanks & transfers), need to do, quoted, waiting to hear back to finalize. To many files and to confusing as business is growing. I think I am on the right track, just the wrong train.

I would love to hear some more ideas on how others are tracking orders from first call to delivery.
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Since posting this original thread, and actually starting my business, I have found that I just like using a white board, a paper holder and quick books, makes things easy and streamlined.

Orders come in, I write the information down on my board, enter it into quick books, and place the work order next to my press. Then when I am done, I take the work order back to quick books, convert the estimate to an invoice and slip the completed work order into a file.
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I have started using 2 white boards 1 for estimates and 1 for acual jobs. 2 weeks ago I mistakenly printed a estimate of 75 shirts. Good thing was I took a demo shirt to the customer with a estimate. She loved the shirt and wanted to know how soon they could be done as she needed them very soon. I told her I could be back in a hour after telling her about the mistake. I got lucky could have ended up with a lot of shop rags.
Ouch, good thing it worked out for ya.

I am lucky that I got a spot cleaning gun with my kit, its already saved me a few times from having to replace customers shirts.
I think by managing everything. Manage your print out at side ship them fast because, no risk about ink spots on them etc.
If you are using an Android smartphone and try this app "Schedule Planner for Android". It might help you get organized :)
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