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How to handle embroidery placement issue

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Hello all,

I had an order for polar fleece (light wt) vests and without any real alignment guides on the vest I used the zipper and laser alignment tool to place the logo on left chest. When seams are matched up lying flat and folded down the middle, everything is straight.

When I had someone try it on, it pulls the logo up toward the shoulder on the left giving it the impression that is is not straight.

How would you handle this issue with regards to the customer. These vests are pretty expensive so if I eat them (which I am willing to do) first I'm not sure I could re-do them any differently in terms of placement.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a triangle from back in the days when art was done by hand, and I square the baseline of the logo at a right angle with the zipper. It's been a while since I've had to prove straight, but that always worked. If it's on a windshirt where laying the garment flat distorts level, I put the garment on a hooping board and explain that the garment has an odd cut.:)
Has more than one person tried on the vests? People's shoulders vary so much. I'm wondering how they'll look on someone with sloping shoulders. If the placement is really off and they look wrong on everyone then you'll probably need to eat the cost but if its only slightly off the vests may be fine on some people. In that case you might find that you only need to replace a few or possibly none if your customer doesn't notice. You'll have to decide how bad the placement is and if you should just replace the vests without involving your customer or take a chance and possibly look bad or not need to make any replacements.

I would invest in a hooper. I use a Hoop Master. Its a great time-saver and there's no guess work. Its well worth the money.
The Hoopmaster is the way to go. It is kind of expensive, but well worth the added expense. Makes hooping fast. Get the pocket alignment tool, also. Will make putting logos above a pocket straight. I got the pocket alignment tool for my biggest hoop.

When they start making human bodies that are perfectly aligned, then you can worry. Lol. Just my 2 cents.
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