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How to get my hands on for a "feel" test

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I've finally gotten to the point that I have a design almost worked out and need to pick out the brand of shirt I'd like to use. I'm looking into a pigment dyed shirt of some sort. I'm one of those people who is pretty picky about how a shirt fits after it's been washed and dried (in a dryer) and how it feels overall. I was wondering if I should just go to jiffyshirts and order one of each of the shirts I'm interested in to sample, or is there another way.
I've gone through my own t-shirts at home and most of them seem to be Gildan or Anvil so I'm pretty familiar with them. I'm really more interested in Desert Wash and Authentic Pigment right now.
The 2 printers I've contacted in my area both carry the same lines, but don't carry Desert Wash. Of course, that will probably be the shirt I really like, so is it rude to order the shirts myself and take them to a printer?
Thanks all,
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Thanks Fred for the input. I do have a tax id, so will go that way if that is the shirt I go with.
I don't want to peeve some printer off by asking for something way out of the norm, so I'm appreciative of the primer in tshirt printing etiquette. I'm all for a printer making money off of a job, that's the way it should be.
While I do not do screen printing, I do other imprints from regular inkjet to laser jet to rhinestone to vinyl and as a rule I just do not do customer supplied garments...(I have made rare exceptions) but if I goof, the garment then suddenly becomes a 'valuable item' that can't be replaced.........I don't need that!
Thanks, Fred for the lesson. I'm really having to apply my old study skills lately. This is great, though, since I'm a tshirt lover at heart and like you am currently wearing a shirt from the 1997 World Dog Show (also Hanes!).
I work part time at my daughter's elementary school and we rec'd our employee tshirts on Friday (we can wear jeans and a school shirt on Fridays). This year's shirt is a Comfort Colors brand. I ordered the shirt back in August way before I started my own venture into shirts for my own company. It's a nice bonus that they used one of the brands I've been considering. While I like the feel and color of the shirt, the medium I ordered is HUGE. I will have to look into the women's line to see how their sizing is I guess.
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