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how to find out which style AAA ALSTLE shirt i have?

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i wear white ts almost everyday and run throught about a dozen in a month. im running out and im about to purchase a huge bulk lot but cant seem to figure out exactly which alstyle shirt i have. the alstyle shirt i have is a 1301 i BELIEVE from the research i've been doin and i wanted this exact one. it tag is white with big blue AAA and the background has silver As. are these the 1301s? i asked a supplier on ebay to send me a picture of the tags of his shirts but his has Big blue AAA's with gold As in the background and was wondering if this was the same as mine. please help me find out which alstyle mine is! thank you! sorry if i was a little confusing.
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I print alot of those. And yes you are describing thectag on a 1301

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The tags are shown on page 41 of the catalogue which can be downloaded on their site....
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