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Ok I am lost at this point. I basically need to know from start to finish how to find an image, convert it if needed, import it, make it readable for cutting software, and cut it.

I posted this in a different thread I started, but think it needs it own. If there are thread someone could recommend that would be great.

Basically all I have managed to figure out at this point it how to cut text, and any already supplied template/art included in things like Cadworx.

I am trying to figure out how to do this outside of that, and open up possabilities.

I used an exapmle in the other thread I waill also use here. If someone asked me to cut them a Moose out of vinyl how would I go about this? Would I go to google images and type in Moose clipart? Say I found something what would be the steps to get it to the final step of cutting on the vinyl cutter?

Everyone says that there are tons of free stuff on the web. Ok how do I find them, and what do I do with them to get them to be able to be cut?

What is clip art vs. vector? How do you look at a image and be able to determine if this is something that can be cut out on a plotter?

Basically I need a class for dummies.

Are there software for vector art that I need to get to get thing started? Recommendations?

If needed my equiptment that I currently have is a roland GX-24, Adobe illustrator/photoshop, acess to Cadworx/vectorart, roland cut studio.

Really need someone to walk me through the process like there teaching a class to someone who has no clue (because at this point I dont).

I have done searches on this forum, but cant find exactly what I am looking for, but if someone could link me that would work as well.


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It would not be a good idea to go to google search moose and use that image because you dont know who owns the copyright to that image. It is illegal and i would be liable if I wanted to sell a poster with a wolf on it and i googled "wolf" and used the NBA minnesota timberwolves logo. I do not own that work and it is trademarked.

Read these articles.

Vector graphics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Raster graphics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clip art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Plotter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You'll want to have a good grasp of these concepts before going too much further.

You will also want to explore your roland cut studio software. Maybe someone here can help ya out. otherwise, search google and youtube for tutorials. Tutorials will show you how to use vector / clip art and set it up for cutting. There are plug-ins for cut studio that allow you to import files from illustrator. if you have questions, look for support on Roland DGA Corporation - North and South America

good luck.

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If someone asked me to cut them a Moose out of vinyl how would I go about this?
You may want to look into buying a clip art collection that has a lot of different standard designs in it.

There are a few vendors on eBay selling collections as well as some of the vendors here like Ryonet or Specialty Graphics

Here's a walk through post I did that details step by step with photos of the first vinyl cut I made and the first t-shirt I did with a vinyl cutter: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/t-shirt-crossover-diary-heat-press-newbie/t10363.html
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