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How to do the negative for this image

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This is a screen printing image question so don't know if it's in the right spot.

I am doing a shirt that essentially has some words that are going across a pink ribbon (breast cancer.) The words extend beyond the ribbon. To screen print this is is best to "cut" the letters out of the ribbon, so they have to closely be registered to fit into the holes left, or is it ok, or better, to just print the words ontop of the solid printed ribbon. So part of the letter will be ontop of the ribbon and some won't. Does that make sense?

Sorry don't have time to resize upload etc the picture.
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if you print over the ribbon, your color is going to be different, and you are going to see and feel where the ribbon starts and ends.

this is not the correct way.

correct way is to have it "cut out" like you said, and then registered properly on press.
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Thanks for the info. The ink/wording is black over a light pink, so I don't think the ink color will change all that much but I did wonder how much it would show where the ribbon ends and begins. I have the negative cut out right now, I just thought if there was an easier way than having to do it this way then I would! I'm new at this and seem to continually come up with difficult designs that have to be lined up exactly!
Even though it will be black over pink, you really want to cut it out.
To make your screens line up easier, just get yourself a piece of white posterboard, lay a screen on it (make sure to butt it up to the corner, so you have your frame lined up to the outside edge to the side and bottom). Mark/outline around your screen. Now use a yardstick and carefully and making sure that you stay parallel, make both horizontal and vertical lines every 1/4" also making a bolder center vertical line. (all on the board)
When you line up your film on the board, you can place it in the same place everytime, then just put your magic scotch tape on the film and carefully lower your screen onto the film, then rub, adhering the tape to your screen.
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