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How to Do a 2 Color Using Twill Stitch Pro

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Can someone out there who use twill stitch pro tell me how to do a two color design with twill stitch pro. I have been trying and can't seem to get this right. Please Help

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Can you be a little more specific on what you are trying to do?

After you've converted each section to an applique, you should be able to right click on it and one of the options is the color, I think it defaults to color #9 - just change it to any other color.
ok, maybe i should say a background and foreground for letters. Ok, this is what i think i know lol......I create the letter or word using the contour future of my software. I then save the file as a plt file and open it in twillstitch pro. When I open the file in twillstitch pro this is where i get confused. I select the first color let just say it is red and change the tack down and covert to tackletwill. What happens after that and what settings do i change to get the design to sew the first color and then the second color without confusing the machine or myself? I hope that make sense

Sorry for not replying sooner Carolyn, just got back from vacation... Since I'm trying to sell my copy of TSP, I had to delete it from my machine. Maybe PM Josh at imprintables?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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