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how to do 2 color install

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I am trying to learn some stuff with the cutter.
So I am cutting out a logo that is 2 colors.
Its 2 letters. I used corel to make the letters.
Then I added a outline to go around the letters. The letters are not connected but separated.
To get the outline right I am using registration marks.
My problem is that I am not sure how to use the registration marks.
I cut the letters and there are 4 registration marks.
Then I cut the outline and again the registration marks.
I then taped over the outline and removed from the backing and was going to put ontop of the letters using the marks but cant really see the marks on the letters part.

So how do you install the two or what is the best process (oh they will be going on a car window)

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I use clear transfer tape and do it by eye...
Yea the tape I bought isn't clear. one is semi clear. the other is like masking.
Is there a specific clear tape to get ? And does it go one wet or dry ?

any good quality tape will work and yes it can be used wet or dry - I prefer wet
I like the paper tape myself. I have found it to be the easiest to use. ... JB
The easiest way to do this is to use tick marks not registration marks. I use squares since they are so easy to weed. Just place two squares just outside the graphic in the file making sure they are filled with color one. Then Duplicate them right on top of themselves and fill the duplicates with the second color. Then you can use a light table to prefab them or you can use the tick marks to apply them directly to vehicle. You don't have to have a light table but it helps. the way it works is you mask color one. Then peel transfer tape as if you are about to apply and apply over the second color making sure tick marks line up. Then squeege as normal and cut off tick marks. You should have a two color decal with backing ready to ship or apply. The light table is a must if you are using standard paper tape. If you don't have one or can't make one out of Plexiglas and a fluorescent bulb, then use clear tape.
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I do mine about the same way as the previous poster. Right now I'm using a non-clear application tape so I will do them one of two ways.

If the colors do not go on top of each other, then I use a little water on my registration marks so I can get everything to line up. I would also do this in the case of minimal vinyl. On the vinyl work I have a lot of vinyl, then I treat it as a full on wet application. Takes a lot longer, but so far I haven't had any complaints and everything has come out great.
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