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How to charge a client for your services

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I have been screen printing for awhile just as a hobby, I didn't have very good equipment to get serious. Now I do. I was wondering what is the competitive rate now for "set up" per screen? going rate for artwork and the actual printing. I have a 6 colour screen printer. I am in a small town in B.C.
I have been out of it so long I don't even know if that is how it is priced out still? Thanks for your help
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I'm just starting out too but from countless hours of research, others members will most likely tell you two things.

1. Call local printers in your area and ask for quotes on different jobs. Obviously you wouldn't ask all at the same time or they will figure out what your doing lol.

2. Determine your cost for material and labor and go from there.

Hope that helps you. Good luck and welcome back to screen printing.
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