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How to build Line Table Myself..Help

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I dont wnat to procastinate anymore guys.

Kindly help how do i build 6-12 platen Line table Press.

1.What type of and materials,metals,screws etc(Can i avoid welding and use screws all true?)
2.What dimensions?
3.Which micro registration design would you recommend?
4. I like big screens so i can do (all-over prints in future)to look like dye- sublimination.Which is the largest i can use? platen size and frame size.

Note: i will like to build my platen to a universally accepted frame size;so that i could place other for the specific frame size.

Kindly help if you have a plan.

This type aint bad

Thanks all.I wait your contributions.
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look up one trick pony on here.
He has some good info on line tables.

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