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How To apply Hotfix Rhinestones

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I have a great design I want to put on a t shirt with Rhinestones. How can I get this design on a stencil or what is the best way apply hot fix crystals on the shirt? This is all new to me.
Does anyone know any company's that will make custom stencils from a design? Or can I make a stencil myself? Would I need a special machine for this? I don't have a large budget.
Any tips or tricks appreciated.
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There is a whole section on this right here.
Rhinestone Decoration - T-Shirt Forums

Here is a post that has a lot of instructions on how to do rhinestone templates.
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Marilyn hit the spot with her reply. There are tons of companies out there that will make your custom transfer, most with minimum orders. You could also post a classified, if eligible, here as there are tons of "rhinestone experts" on the forum that would be happy to make a template for you.

Good luck:)
Thank you both for your responses, I will check out the forums.

Also if there is anyone out there that is willing to make me an inexpensive custom stencil for my shirts, please let me know how much it would cost & where I could send a designs I wanted made. I'm new at all this & wanted to make some shirts, not a big amount to go out & buy a cutter though, just 2- 3 different designs.
I would be using hotfix crystals.

Thanks again,
Like Slick suggested you may want to post your either here TF Classifieds - T-Shirt Forums or here http://www.t-shirtforums.com/referrals-recommendations/. You will get more responses there than you will in this area of the forum. Good luck and happy blinging!!!
Thanks to all for your responses. Really apprciate them.

God Bless
when we need help with something we post a post in the recommendation and referrel area,, and then the ones that do that service can respond,

We have a ton of threads from handsetting your stones to cams machines,,,
Just punch in Rhinestone in the search box and get ready to get hooked.
Hi Karen
Do you still need the rhinesotne transfer ? Please find the http://www.cstwonrhinestone.com . They can provide custome rhinestone designs and very quick layout . Hope it is informative .
Good luck!:)
Thank you for the link however, it did not work. Couldn't open it.

Thanks anayway.
Hi, i was so sorry ,as i forget their website. It should be http://www.cstownrhinestone.com Hope they can be help for you. :D
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