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How often do you change the tape on a pallet

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Ok so ive always wondered, how often do you pull your pallet tape off and put new on?? I do it after 5-6 runs. am I wasting time and money??
thanks in advance!
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Depends what you're running and how many per run, but I leave mine on a lot longer than that. If you scrub it down with water after every 20 shirts or so you should gradually build up a nice thin even layer of fuzz that gives the pallet a nice surface to print on. If you run a lot of hoodies you can build up some uneven and stubborn lint that eventually results in the necessity to replace the pallet.

My rule is, as long as the pallets have a smooth surface and are printing nicely I leave it alone.
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Are you using spray tack or waterbased tack?

If you're using spray tack... stop. (Seriously, that stuff is awful. It wastes time, makes everything in the area a sticky lint trap, and is horrible for your health.)

With waterbased tack, we change tape when it stops refreshing well when scrubbed with water; or when it gets too many hard little lint wads & strings embedded in it, which can show up in the print. (Especially noticeable on 4-color process.)
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For me, I try to change out the tape once a month. At that rate, the tape comes right off without any struggle. If I wait longer that that, I run the risk of wasting tons of time slowly ripping the old pallet tape off, because it starts fusing with the pallet. This stuff helps out a lot with old stubborn pallet tape - Adhesive Remover | Rapid Remover | Rapid Tac Inc. - just spray it on the offending pallet, let it soak, try peeling what has softened up, and repeat the process until all of the tape comes off
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