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How often do you change the blade?

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Just wondering how often people change the blade of there cutters. Sometimes my cutter doesnt go deep enough for a couple millimeters when cutting something, then I cut something else and its completely fine again, think it might be the blade. any advice?
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More likely the cutting strip.....Or could be blade holder.....
what does the cutting strip do that pertains to cutting quality? I see you can replace it. I imagine if cut to deep we will damage this over time? When (what results) will we see when there is a need to change it?
Depends entirely on what you're cutting. The blade will last quite awhile with regular sign vinyl or heat press vinyl. Getting into specialty materials may ruin it very quickly. Chromed vinyl, glitter vinyl, any kind of metallic. The absolute worst is reflective sign vinyl. It is created with glass beads, so you're basically ramming your blade through a bed of glass that's been glued together (glass cutting boards will kill your kitchen knives!).

If you bought a scrapbooking cutter or use a regular cutter to cut out paper and cardstock, this will create heavy wear on the blade too.
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