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Wow..that's alot of mugs for sublimation. Have you thought about finding somebody who can do four color process printing on mugs such as a promotional products company? I've found in the past that once I get up over 50 or 100 items, I can usually outsource them cheaper since economies of scale don't help much with sublimation (similar as with DTG for larger volumes).

The cheapest I would probably go is $5.00 per mug. The most you can do is 15 to 20 mugs per hour on a single press which isn't a bad gross hourly rate. But that does not include the ink and time needed to print, trim & tape up 500 mugs. Granted, you can do some of that while you are waiting for the mug to bake so that won't be a huge factor.

You can probably find somebody for about half that price and not have to do any of the work..:)

Just my thoughts...
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