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how much to screen print this design

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hi to all, i will be starting my clothing line in a few months and after playing with coreldraw x6 for a month i made i bunch of designs for my line, just wondering how much will a screenprinter will charge to do a print like this, i will be supplying my own custom made t-shirts. thank you!


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Pricing is based on number colors in the design and the number of shirts being printed.

It looks like you have a 2-color front and a 4-color back. At $20 per screen, you are at $120 in fixed costs alone. The print cost will depend on how many shirts you need printed. Prices from a custom screen print shop will vary. But a contract screen print shop will charge about $5.50-6.50 per shirt (both print locations) for a couple of dozen minimum. Prices can go down dramatically for higher volume. To qualify for contract printing, you will need to provide color separated art.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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thank you KIMURA ,my local screenprinter is charging me $10.75 for this, i will be doing about the minimun 144 pcs. thanks again!
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