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I'd go with Yahoo.

I'll list some pros and cons off the top of my head:

1. Easy for the noob to add products, prices, descriptions, etc

2. Premade templates that look decent.

3. Easy for a web designer to create a scratch and add "tags" where the shopping cart, items, etc show up on the page. Any decent web designer should know how to do this.

4. One of the most Search Engine friendly shopping carts available. The easier it is for search engines to find you, the more traffic you get.

5. Free automatic, no approval needed, inclusion in Yahoo shopping directory. This is great for direct traffic from Yahoo shoppers and means a lot when Google and MSN rank your site in the search engine results.

6. All in one merchant solution that is sure to be completely compatible with each other. No worries.

1. If you cancel your account you need to be ok with losing your website. At least that's the way it use to be. It's no problem to start over with a new site since you should have your prices, descriptions, pics, etc in a separate ".csv" file anyway, but any search engine rankings you've accumulated will be lost.

2. There are a few small things that Yahoo doesn't allow you to do that are important to folks like me that use every SEO/traffic/marketing trick in the book (such as accessing .htaccess files), but to most people, it's really no big deal.

3. There's a bit of a learning curve to get started, but Yahoo is just a phone call away to help.

Hope this helps.


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How about the biggest point and that is cost... And as as far as being search engine friendly I believe that is mostly in the way a web site is designed. I have very high ranking for my sites. type "heat press transfers" (which by the way is not the name of my website) in yahoo and I come in 4th place. It is called placing key words in your content. Lou
Good points Lou, but by far the most important factor
in a site's rankings is the number of incoming links, the
quality of the sites they come from (see my point #5
above), and the age of your website (particularly with

Here's what I mean by using your site for example...

Yahoo shows that you have 1370 incoming links to
your site, which is great. And for yahoo's SE algorithm
that's all you need to reach the #4 for your keyword.

But in Google, your site ranks #327 for the same key
phrase. Here's why...

First of all, your site is only a couple months old. It's
not an issue with Yahoo, but Google holds your site
back for up to 6 months, depending on how fast you
accumulate quality inbound links to your site. All in all,
there's not much you can do about Google's sandbox
effect without investing a lot of upfront money.

The large majority of your incoming links also come
from this forum, which again, isn't an issue with Yahoo,
but Google looks for links coming from a larger variety
of domains and ip addresses to give more validity to
your site.

Also, if you changed the link in your sig from a URL
link to a text link, you'd help Google decide what your
page is about and where to rank it. It would also help
if you unbolded your font on your site except for your
keywords and saved the H1, H2, and H3 tags for your
keywords also.

The "heat press transfer network" in your title tag most
likely has nearly everything to do with you being ranked
as high as #327 in Google.

Here's what I mean by point #2 in the cons list and
how it affects your site in particular...

Every one of your your incoming links point toward
"http://www.heat presstransfernetwork.com" and none
point to "http://heat presstransfernetwork.com".

If you could access your ".htaccess" file, which I don't
think Godaddy or Yahoo allows, you could redirect all
your links to "http://www.heat presstransfernetwork.com".

So whether people link any of the following:
http://www.heat presstransfernetwork.com
http://heat presstransfernetwork.com
http://www.heat presstransfernetwork.com/index.html
http://heat presstransfernetwork.com/index.html

They would all redirect the search engine spiders to the
url http://www.heat presstransfernetwork.com and it
would dramatically increase your rankings because all of
your incoming links, in effect, point to pone place.

Sorry for the long explanation and I certainly didn't
mean to hijack the thread.

Also, if you're reading this post and have decent ranking
already, but see some changes that you could make to
your site, don't go revamping your website from top to
bottom. You'll find yourself at the bottom of the SERPs
and very little traffic for another 6 months or so.

It's best to figure out when Google visits and updates
your site, then introduce improvements a little bit at a



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Thanks for the invitation Lou. I may take you
up on it when I find the time to offer something
useful to your readers.

Robby, there's been a ton of debate over that
question. Most SEOers say no. I tend to say
yes, but it may not be practical or economical
to spend the money on adwords for the sole
purpose of increasing your rankings.

Here's why...

First of all, I've noticed my own sites move up
slightly when I run an adwords campaign over a
period of time... not much but slightly.

My personal opinion on why that is, is because
when you buy adwords placements your ad is
placed on other people's sites for Google's SE
spiders to scan for new links.

The argument that most SEOers make is that the
ad is placed on the site using javascript, which is
unreadable to Search Engines. So in theory, the
spider wouldn't see your ad at all.

But, my opinion is that G can and does read some
javascript (it even says they attempt to read the
javascript on your site in G's webmasters area).

If they can read some javascript, I can't help but
think that G's SE department communicates with
their adwords department to help the spider read,
understand, and sort the javascript code that
they created.

But, like I said, I just don't think it's very practical
or economical to launch an adwords campaign for
the sole purpose of SE rankings.

Here's why...

I've bought adwords ads and placed them on high
PR pages within G's content network and my site still
showed only a slight increase in rankings.

So basically, the ad was picked up by G's SE spider,
but it was given very, very little credit.

Had I placed a text link ad on that site (in one form
or another), it would have had a more dramatic effect
on my rankings and click throughs.

IMHO, your time would be a lot better spent writing
articles, press releases, and blogging - all for free and
your money would be better spent buying text link ads
on quality sites.


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