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How much to expect to pay for embroidered polo

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I started an affiliate tshirt selling site just to learn how to make a website. Now I got an itch and want to begin an actual apparel brand.

I feel polos might have a better profit margin than tshirts but can not find too much info.

What should I expect to pay for a good quality embroidered polo? Is it smarter to buy the polos wholesale and take them to an embroidery or to buy the shirts through the embroidery?

A point in the general direction would be much appreciated. Maybe a link if anything.

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If you buy the polos and take them to an embroiderer, they will usually tell you that they are not responsible if any become damaged. If they can get them for the same price that you can, and sometimes better, you might be better off buying them already finished. You should look for a local embroidery company so you can see an example of their work and discuss terms. There will usually be different price breaks at different volumes and stitch counts for each design. They may also have access to a better variety of garments than you will.
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Okay great! I really appreciate it. I will go talk to a local embroider before buying wholesale somewhere else.
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