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very helpful. this is the best place...


thank you!

i dont think it will be big volume, i just started and im hand pulling these shirts, only have like 50. haha. i havent been, but my friend has visited the store several times. apparently its a locally owned, non franchise, business. some dood that just decided to open a store a couple years ago. we'll see. im going to be visiting some higher end shops near the ritzy artsy area near vanderbilt cause i think theres a big market there. the store owner also recommended i visit downtown nashville boutiques.

anyways... ill post my results.

also... today ive decided to start my internet marketing test,

which probably will only take an hour a day.

- request add 5-15 friends on myspace a day. targetted. friends of tshirt vendors, and artists
- post comments on 5-15 friends to promote linkbacks and they also generate friend requests
- post on forums. i have a several that are art related that ive been part of for a few years and ive had a few sales from them.... so ill post critiques/comments on the artists work, and general conversations (no buy my shirt spam) and hopefully, it ill get more internet friends, and maybe a few sales while im at it.
- ebay, one a week. if not more. if i try 52 weeks in a row... law of averages says i will sell X% of them
- etsy.com - another artsy sell your stuff site

im hoping after a few months, the pipeline will start filling up and it will snow ball eventually.

ill post results in a month or two, if i am diligent enough to follow through.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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