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How much to charge/price list

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I'm just getting started but it looks like I am not going to make a profit. I purchased about 25 heat transfers for 62.75 and 25 colored t's at 2.55 each. If I sell the t's for 7 dollars not much profit.

What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong wholesalers, process or pricing? Advice needed.
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Are you selling them for Retail or wholesaling?
Why are you only charging $7. I wouldn't go lower than $10. That would at least give you a $124.50 profit aside from any other expenses you may have other than the transfers and t-shirts.
Price your martket. I think if your selling your shirts at $7 then for those who haven't bought if you told them your price was $10, I think they would go for it. Or you could price at $12 and give discount to $10 if it will make the sale. Good luck with whatever you decide sewdazzle.
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