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I have one 3x6 folding table for the computer and 24" plotter and one for the 15x15 heatpress. Half the heatpress table I use to position the cad-cut vinyl designs on the shirts before pressing the other half is taken up by the press. A Stahls 15x15 heatpresss will come mounted on a 20" wide by 31" long half inch piece of plywood for stability. Since I break down this equipment quite often for events I use the folding tables...probably better for the press to have a more sturdy structure. I do heatpress vinyl and plastisol transfers in an upstairs bedroom....the press will heat that room up if doing a couple hour run. I really dont notice fumes so much but do have a cieling fun running all the time. To answer your initial question. Yes you can print in your apartment fairly easily and yes that press gets hot...probably going to be between 370-400 degrees when printing. Be carful and pay attention and you will do just fine. A simple way to understand the heat is to turn on high the large burner on your stove for a couple hours...is your kitchen hot?
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