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How much should my t-shirts cost??

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We use American Apparel blanks, remove the tag and replace with our own "tagless" heat-transfered label. We have front/back printing, 1 and 2-color prints. We are marketed as "luxury" and "quality". The shirts are plastisol screen-printed, very vibrant and high quality ink. Our shirts are marketed toward the modern rap/stoner/skater crowd. Per shirt, we are paying ~$8-9. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!
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Your competition in the market sell their shirts for?

Pricing is a hard item to pin down from a observer perspective because no one but yourself knows what your overhead is or what profit margin you need to make to keep going.

That said with our shop and the $8-$9 you have invested we would probably sell in the $20-$25 range retail.

Hope this helps.
Well I'll be using American Apparel and putting them out for $59 in Sydney. Whatever the shirts are worth. We're looking to get them to around $79 once theyre in the limelight which i have alot of connections within television to help me so whatever you think its worth and what people will pay is it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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