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How much should I sell my shirts to vendors

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Hey guys, I'm about to launch my line very soon & I'm looking into tapping into local vendors to sell my shirts,@swapmeets & local shops, but I don't really know what a good price would be to sell them my shirts,

Do I sell them by the dozen with different sizes or a dozen @ one size,& how much should I charge them, after all their not going to want to pay retail for the shirts

My shirts will be screen print,1 or 2 colors front print printed on black AA shirts

How would I find what price is fair for me & the vendors

Thanks in advance
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Every business is different, so you will need to figure out how much profit you need to make to sustain your business. But a general rule of thumb is to double your production cost and that is your wholesale price. The retailer will then double the wholesale price to get the retail price. So for instance, if your production cost is $5 per shirt, your wholesale price should be $10. The retailer will them mark it up to $20 when selling to the consumer.

The challenge for most startup brands is that your production costs are probably a bit high because your volume is fairly low. So those high costs tend to drive up the wholesale and retail prices which severely limits the profit margins for retail stores. This is one of the reasons why startup brands are undesirable to retail stores.
We are pretty new & only mark up $3-$5 for wholesale which can encourage more bulk purchases from stores. For us, its better to sell more units making a little less than to sell only a few at a higher profit margin. The more we sell, the larger our re-orders are with our shirt printer which qualifies us for better volume discounts. Obviously giving us lower costs. This keeps the cycle going. Obviously starting out this can sting financially. But luckily both my business partner and I still have our regular jobs. So for us we just want to sell as many as we can. Good luck!
So you must get your shirts cheap to price them at 5 bucks, where do you get them, I'm thinking of jiffy t shirts.com, & getting the jerzees trear away tag for 2.82 is that good or can I find somewhere cheaper

thanks for the advise
About 65% to 50% off a fair retail price.....Your costs are not relevant to a vendor...
Jiffy shirts has awesome prices. I have used them in the past to order samples. Just to give you an idea on my pricing: if a shirt cost me $9-$12 to make, I would have a wholesale price of $12-$15, and retail price of $22-$24.
I just got my shirts from jiffyshirts.com & I got to say for the price their really good, the jersey tear away tag black
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