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how much should hoodies cost?

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How much should I be paying for hoodies? I know that it's alot of styles of hoodies, and different weights! If someone could tell me how much for low end all the way up to high end! So far, I've searched a couple of places and can't seem to get a firm price on the hoodies i've seen. In some cases I see hoodies being sold for 24.99 and up. If that's the case, what type of profit is in selling hoodies? It seems like the retaill price would almost be to high, comparable to name brands! If you read this post can you tell me how much are you getting your hoodies for and how much are you selling them for? This is my first winter with my set-up so be nice!!!!
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Pete, the price is determined by where you are, color, how many you buy. We just printer 64 (black) and sold them for $16.00 each. The little guy can't expect to get the same wholesale price as someone who buys a lot from a supplier.
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