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How much do I charge for 3 color shirts

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Hi I have an order of 20 shirts coming up and they want 3 colors which is 3 screens. If I do 10 dollars a shirt that is 200 bucks but i have the screens in there and the shirts as well which is not going to leave me much profit. Does anyone have an idea of how much we should charge for regular cotton t shirts with 1-3 colors on them? Also, do you save your screens or do you charge people for the screens and then restore them? If so, how much do you charge?
Thanks again
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Without knowing your business setup (manual press, auto, how many stations, etc) $10 for 3 color imprint with screens included is not enough. I would separate screen costs from the shirt price but that is just me. Then I would still be pricing the shirts higher than $10 for that low of a quantity and number of colors.
I am having the same issue. I just got my first 3 color job and am unsure about pricing, I have a manual 4 color press with one station and using water based inks.
Hattr, Biglsyny your questions are way to vague for anyone to be able to give constructive advice to you....try to provide type of blanks, Ink/press information, colors, print size(s) and locations and quantities as a minimum to give us something to start with...I only do plastisol so other inks may change prices and I work on a manual press.....automatics prices will vary from mine as well.
You should be charging for setup costs somewhere along the line. Because each screen costs you time and money. You don't work for free.

How you relate that cost to the customer is your choice (either as a per shirt cost, or broken down into shirt and setup cost).

If I get an 8 colour job for 100 shirts it costs WAY more than a 2 colour job.
but I guess my other question is, is there like a system of how to charge customers? I am very new at this.

The system is not to loose money for your work but to actually make money! That's why everyone has a different price, because every shop is different and every shop has a different customer base. We can't tell you how much to charge. But you can search your local area to see what others charge.

Maybe everyone else is so cheap that you can't make money - well, there's no point in operating at a loss, is there? So charge for extra screens and charge for extra colours! That's pretty standard and the only way you should be doing business in the long term. As my dear old man once said - "forget about what everybody else is doing... You should be concerned about what you are doing"
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Most printers around here charge $25-$50 extra for screen fees, on top of the cost of the tees and printing.
What if you figure your costs and calculate a markup and decide that you can make money at 12.00 each... but your nearest competitor is at 17.00 each?

There is no sense leaving money on the table. If you don't get beat at least 10% of the time you are too low.

One of the big online guys is at 17.00 each for the above job. I think I compete more against the internet than I do down the road.
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