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How many vinyl heat pressed shirts can you do in an hour?

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I'm curious, how many vinyl heat pressed shirts could you get done in an hour? I'm thinking from the time you start with whatever computer application to the time the shirt is packaged and ready to be shipped.

I'm guessing the biggest unknown variable would be how well your graphics are suited toward vinyl, right? In other words, picking out the vinyl in the white space of the "A," for example, takes time.
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Yep...detail of the design and weeding that design is the number cruncher. Pressing the shirts is nothing unless its a two sided shirt.
100 "aa" Girly Jersey t's printed with DecoFlock™ with a text slogan like " W is for Whatever ", 2 up on a 20" width roll x 9.5", this takes us 5 hrs. production time.

1 hr for pre-production (dealing with client details art etc.)
5 hrs production
1 quality tests/pack/ship/paper work.
7 hrs total

using a 24" cutter, not die-cut.

this example is an actual job.

It could be done a lot quicker with Screen Printed Flock Transfers (no weed time involved ) but the client prefered the DecoFlock™ feel/look Material.

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