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I feel I already know the answer, but I don't like the answer so I'm hoping someone smarter than I might have a better answer :)

Clothing Brand = XYZ that has been TM'd
now... XYZ has several "lines" or "colletcions" of clothing for different genres and styles etc such as :

abc line, or 123 line... in order to protect the originality of these clothign lines (in particular the name itself) do I need to TM every single namesake? OR, is there a way to do a TM that encompasses several different clothing line namesakes at once?

I'm not sure if I am being clear so I will give an arbitrary example (that I am making up):

Ralph Loren = clothing brand that is tm'd
Best of the Best = a clothing line (under Ralph Loren) that represents Spring Men's line
Gorgeous = a clothing line that represents Raplh Loren's winter collection for women
Super Duper Cool Collection = a line from the R.L brand that represents (whatever)

and so fourth.. so much so that Ralph Lauren now has many many collections... does EACH collection have to be TM in order for Raplh Loren to protect those clothing line names?

My hesiattion is because I know artists can file ONE TM for a book that contains many pictures.. I'd like to file one TM that contains many titles/slogans etc. - in order to save $$$! (and time). Possible?

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You would need to file (and pay for) a separate trademark application for each name.

It's possible to protect a mark with common law rights if you choose not to apply for trademark registrations for any of the names.

Artists can file a book of works for copyright registrations, not trademark. There is no way to file multiple marks under one trademark application.
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