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How many shirts to order for event

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A customer has asked my for advice on how many shirts to order for a women's event. There will be 1,300 women in attendance. The shirts will sell for about $12.00 per shirt. Does any one have advice on how many shirts to order? They don't want to be stuck with a lot after the event.
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I usually do 10-15% of the amount of attendees
better to sell out than bring them home
If it's an official event shirt you might see a 10% buy-in.

Otherwise, depending on how desirable your design is, count on 3% max.
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$12 for an event shirt for women? I don't think you will have many sales. Women want womens sized shirts and there is no way that selling for $12 will either make a profit or sell well if they are mens shirts.

We we do events we require a minimum purchase before we will set foot in there and they get all the leftovers from that.
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