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How many shirts/designs should I have for launch?

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Hi everyone!

I'm planning on launching the clothing line sometime between September 15-22. Right now, my plan is to order 600 shirts of one design (S-XL) and offer my other 11 designs to preorder (to be launched then on October 22). I was thinking of also offering sweaters/hats/joggers of those 12 designs in the next release.

The main reason for this is because I want to see what sort of demand I have for the products, so I can order the right amount, but since the turnaround time for me (time to buy wholesale clothing, have them embroidered & sent to the fulfillment center) is around 3 weeks, I wonder if 1-2 week of data is enough for me to decide what to buy, and I wonder if people may be turned off by the idea of preordering something.

I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for the timeline? I want to be able to offer as many options as possible, but I'm afraid that I might buy too much inventory. I do have a solid credit line of $7500, but I'm pretty unexperienced with that and not too sure how people generally use their credit. How do you guys use your line of credit?
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