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CorelDraw V Adobe Illustrator

  • I use CorelDraw

    Votes: 64 87.7%
  • I use Adobe Illustrator

    Votes: 9 12.3%

How many people use CorelDraw ?

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Just wondering how many designers and screen printers are using CorelDraw. I'm also interested in why you would pick CorelDraw over ("the industry standard") Adobe Illustrator?
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I use both.....but latley I have been geared torward Illustrator.

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I use both to but I'm the opposite and find myself using Coreldraw more especially for very simple designs.
90% of the time I use corel draw.

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I have both programs and I find that I use Coreldraw more. Why...because when I got into the business that is what my mentor was using so that is what I learned first. I have since learned Illy but I find that I am more comfortable in Coreldraw
I use it because it's what I learned on , version 3, using X4 today
I can't afford AI, so I use CorelDraw. I stared with x3, now I'm using x5. Plus there are all sorts of plug-ins for CDR that come in quite handy.
I use Corel Draw 98% of the time the other 2% would be Corel Photo paint.
I have both - AI only if I have to - CD - easier - faster - gets the job done for me. I kicks and giggles - I googled industry standard and both showed up - so I am guessing - that by using CD - I am using the industry standard.
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I started with the original version of Corel and stuck with it. Now it is incorporated into our embroidery digitizing software as well. We have Creative Suite but rarely use it except when we receive "difficult" customer files. Adobe products are just too damned expensive to keep up to date, at least for our industry. A full time professional graphic artist in the graphic arts field would be lost without CS though. JMO
Started first with CorelDraw. Later tried using Illustrator and found it more complicated to learn (possibly because I was already use to the Corel way of working with vector art) plus it costs a lot more so I have just stuck with Corel.
I have and use both but Illustrator is my 1st choice.....I rarely get Corel files from my clients but get Illustrator files frequently...
I agree CorelDraw is easier to use but I have noticed Corel crashing more often...I have never had Illustrator crash on me yet.

I am new and have done just a few jobs, but I have started with corel and continue to learn it. Maybe a couple more years and I'll know more about using it. I never have tried illustrator.
I voted for CorelDraw, but I am so far down the food chain from being a designer take my one vote with a grain of salt. :)
I use coreldraw X5. I have the add on from DAS and from Action Illustrated.
What makes Adobe the industry standard.... And what industry is it the standard of. If screen printing then we need new standards!!!!!!! Adobe takes important functions out that were important to the screen printing industry.

I do use both but only when a client sends the file in a adobe format. All in house designs are done in Corel.
I started with Illy and photoshop but begin using CorelDraw when I first saw it....maybe 10-12 years ago...can't remember but I continue to upgrade every other version of Illy but only because I will get an occasional file that CD won't open. Illy is robust, but surely an overkill for me. I think that the value per dollar is still with Corel. I just find it easier and I am looking forward to the next version. I have never had issues with it crashing.
I started out with using Photoshop so the transition to Illustrator was fairly easy but going to give CD X5 a try.
I use Inkscape for vector work and GimPhoto+GimPad for raster work, but graphic design is not the main part of my business. I don't have anything against Adobe or Corel products, but I remember Quark Xpress being an "industry standard" and I wanted to give up halfway through the class, it was so confusing and annoying to use. I was glad that they had Microsoft Publisher 2003 at my current job. I use Open Office Draw at home.
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