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How many extra shirts for 10K race

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I have a customer who is organizing/running their first 10K race. I will be for a charitable cause. They expect between 250 and 300 runners all of whom will get shirts. That's the easy part.

As we discussed details, I asked how many shirts they wanted for spectators. They did not have an answer as this is their first as organizer. I didn't have a suggestion either other than asking you folks on the forum.

So my question is, how many shirts should I suggest they order assuming 300 runners? Even a rough % would be helpful. Also, how would you split the sizes?

As always, thanks to all who reply in advance.

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Maybe 30 and an order form so you can ship the shirts you don't have to them. Also have lots of business cards.
While I don't like providing quantity advice (that can come back and haunt me, since it is always too high or too low) I was thinking along the same lines and suggesting they tilt any spare shirts to more larger sizes.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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