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how many colors?

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on another thread today i saw someone questioning how many colors in a design. (i'm sorry i can't find the thread) - rodney, you had answered too i believe that if it was 'greyscale' (i think you used another word) it was only one color or ? -- the question i believe was regarding 'shading'.

this is a question i am having currently. most of the art i will be taking to tees is not digitally created, so it is full color art with hundreds of colors, so i alter it digitally to take it down to less colors.. but with all the shading i am unsure when contacting screenprinters for quotes how many colors are considered in a design.

i.e. - here is one of my designs (at the url below) - am i allowed to do that?


how many colors is this considered?

thank you for any help you can give.

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I'm guessing 2 colors
I was counting then went crosseyed..
YOu will always lose detail on hand drawn images, no matter how many colours you do.
I would say two cross eyed colours for this image.
I like it by the way. Really cool.
One black, One grey.
Two colours, But be prepared to pay for Separation art charges.
i love this site!! THANk u!! everyone has been so helpful. okay.. seperation charges.. i did not know about this (thank you everyone for helping a newbie!) -- i am assuming this is what they do to say go into adobe or other program to click the different colors in the image to break it up into layers for the screenprinting? --- do seperation prices vary alot or is there usually a standard fee for this type of service and if so what is the norm?
Varies for price. For separations.
I charge 45$ an hour, some charge 75$.
Depends on how busy a shop is.
My recomendation is to go to a screen printer with your business plan, and let them know that you WILL be back for shirts. that you WILL use them when you make it HUGE. this gives a more personal aspect to a client, and Honestly, i become friends with these guys i deal with. Then i start giving cheep deals, or discounts, because they came back. Or they get shirts every week.
If you go to the largest printer in town { wherever you are} you will be paying for their brand new 10 colour automatic press, and jumbo conveyor dryer, and all of their overhead that is attached to running a huge shop.
In my town, I beat the big guys by large margins, easily. Check it out at least.

Hope that helps Bra!

do seperation prices vary alot or is there usually a standard fee for this type of service and if so what is the norm?
They can vary. Some printers charge it, other printers don't charge for separations at all.
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