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How many blanks to order?

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Hey guys, just curious how many blanks you guys order when getting items? I've heard to plan on anywhere from 2-10% for misprints etc... but how have you guys planned for that... I'm not big enough to have a big inventory of shirts that I can pull from yet.. keep in mind I'm new and learning so I think I may have more misprints then most...

if I have a 100 shirt order ranging from junior XS to adult 4XL what would be your suggestion on ordering? I'm thinking 1 or 2 shirts per size just in case?

What do you guys think?

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1 or 2 shirts should be fine for a beginner (hopefully u wont need them). I have been printing for a few yrs so i have got to a poiint where i dont usually have any mis-prints.

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I always order extra shirts. If you want to deliver the total number ordered, say 100 shirts, without ordering any extras, any misprints, bad shirts, or bad luck you would fail to deliver the whole order.
Shirts are cheap, so having a few extra shirts on hand might save you from having to setup the whole job again to fill the order.
I usually only get the Small to XLarge extras, the XXL are a lot of money,

Three things you can do with the extra shirts,
1. Use them when you make a mistake, or find a hole or stain.
remember humans make mistakes.
2. Print the extras and give them to the client as a "Gift"
Only do this on one time orders, fun runs, meetings etc.,
Don't give any free shirts for designs that will be reordered.
I always give schools the extra shirts, it's a nice "thank you"
3. have them in your stock for the next time you have an error or bad shirt.

Hope this helps.
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We used to do 2 per size but now we don't do that. If we ruin one we have places we can get a replacement same day or in a day. That is the big thing for us since we are in Southern California We have a lot of choices.
Ok sounds good.. I'll order a few extra just to be safe... I could uses some rags or just build a small inventory of shirts..

Thanks guys

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