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How long?

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Did it take you to sell your first shirt? We just launched last night and have been promoting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so far. Just curious.
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It takes a bit of time, I had friends interested in my designs already so not including them it took about a week for my first "real" customer.

Your designs are the most important part of acquiring new purchases, then it's up to the quality to ensure repeat ones. Keep plugging and poking your target audience, you'll eventually get their attention. I believe it is about a .5-2% (realistically expect about 1%) average conversion rate for online customers, so you should be able to expect your first sale once you hit 100 unique visitors or so (of course this is just based on averages). Do you have a link where I could check your shirts out btw?
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No long, maybe a day or so. But we had some good luck via social media.
We are hitting social media. Going through and liking posts, pics of those who like competitors just so they see our name in hopes of curiousity
Got your message. Have you thought about tapping into the obstacle racing community? I am big into OCR and it is a fast growing community and sport that might be worth targeting.
We are targeting any and all fitness communities along with sports fans. I see how hot apparel is in the fitness world and want to tap into it. We only have the one design right now but our plan is to launch at least 3 designs a month.
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