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monkchild said:

I'm setting up a business and I wonder how long it would take to set up one screen print for a tshirt? All my orders will be different, so I cannot reuse same design. Just wondering about the time involved in making ONE tshirt, as I fear it might be quiete a bit and should probably search other avenues. Please let me know
Depends on weither your talking about labor hours or clock hours.... layout artwork and make positive 10 or 15 min... for simple stuff
labor time for cleaning screen degreasing screen coating screen and setting up on press maybe 30 minutes.....
Now if you mean Clock hours thats another story
Clean screen let dry 2 hours...de-grease screen let dry 2 hours.... coat screen let dry 2 hours... burn screen ...washout.... let dry at least an hour....
As has been said in many posts screen printing does not lend itself to one off shirts very well...
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