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How long do heat transfer images/ink stay on garments for?

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Do heat transfer images / ink fade or peel over time? thank you
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Yes. They should fade first before peeling unless improperly pressed. How long is usually expressed in number of washes but the brand and type of paper, how it is pressed, how the shirt is washed or dried and the temperature, etc, all affects durability.

We sell heat transfer shirts. Our staff has been wearing them weekly since December 2009 so 8 months 34 washes. Compared to new presses, the color is a little faded but still OK. They hand wash the shirts which is gentler on the print but people here are known to use stronger detergents.

I think I read somewhere that a good print should last at least 50 washes following typical washing instructions for heat pressed shirts. I have shirts pressed with China transfer papers and they faded in just 1 wash. The image is gone soon after.
Hi @BroJames
Can you pls recommend a good transfer for light and dark shirts from your experience.
All types of printing will experience some degree of fading. Are you referring to screen printed transfers or those printed with a laser or inkjet printer?
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