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i havent, and i doubt i ever will learn to print with just one stroke. most prints i do just come out better with two or in some cases three strokes. but it will all depend how good your screens are. i know you say your good at making screens. but you would be surprised how long it takes to learn how to make great screens. it will all depend on your screen, which i think is still the most important part of the whole process,
how you clean them
how you coat them
how you burn them
what film you use
what you use to output your film
what mesh size you use
what type of mesh you use
how tight they are streched
how big the image to screen size ratio is
add im sure others will say more.
i guess what im trying to say is you will never stop learning. every job is different so all this factors have to be considered. back to the question even when i think i have a great screen, for some reason i still like to print at least a double stroke for most of my work. the only time i dont is when im working with halftones, but even then sometimes i do. just have to be careful about dot gain
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