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jdr8271 said:
Im not familiar with the bleaching agent that solmu is referring to.
I know of a couple of small independent stores that screenprint with bleach, which should give you a result like the revolve clothing link. I've never heard of it being done more commercially (i.e. large scale), but I dare say it is (on the principle that pretty much any technique you care to come up with will be in use by some company). Though it's not something you could walk into just any printer for.

That said, most of the stuff I've seen has been done using stencils since bleach is not exactly emulsion friendly, so I'm not sure if you could get anything that detailed. I said bleaching agent rather than bleach because I wouldn't be surprised if you could get some kind of fibre reactive bleach that interacted with the pigment in the shirt without ruining the emulsion in the screen, but I have no idea if such a thing actually exists or not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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