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How happy are you with your HM-1 or Kiosk

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I have been here for a while and read many threads with interest. I appreciate all the help I have been given and hope my responses have maybe helped others. That being said, I wondered about this forums members. I have heard it said that only people that have problems post to these forums and only negative responses find their way here. I would like to hear from all the members that have had success with their machines. I hope my poll will generate some good feedback for others reading this forum.

I tried to create a poll but didn't have much luck so let's do it this way. If you absolutely love your printer and could not live without it then post a thumbs up. If you wish you'd never seen or heard of it and wish you could afford to put it in the dumpster then post a thumbs down. If you are anywhere in the middle then just say so. Maybe next time I'll figure out what I did wrong with the poll function.

I truly hope some of you are happy with your investment and we see that reflected in the poll. So come on all you happy printers, get out the vote and show your brothers that there is hope for us all.
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Love it, amazing machine. (Ink is expensive though.)
I love my hm1, its everything I expected it to be when I made my purchase.
I like my Kiosk. It does make me money and that makes me happy. However, I don't like all the defects, ink delivery issues,etc that comes with Epson based DTG's especially when we remeber how much we paid for these things.

Support has been good. The only thing I think DTG do worse then other companies is the lack of updates/news from them to customers. It's like once they sell you the machine they pretty much are disconnected from you. In the first few months I owned a kiosk (2 and a bit years ago) they would send letters and news to all the DTG customers, that stopped a few years ago. Now, whenever theres an updated part we dont get to hear about it until our machines are broken and need updating!
I was so happy with my Kiosk, I bought another 1. Yes, the issues have been several. But, the technical support at SWFEast, where I bought both mine, is awesome. And yes, making money does make me happy too.:D

I have an HM-1. We are a screen printer and I would rather sell it.

Hi there I have a few questions. I have a Kiosk and I have now had to replace the print head 4 times in the last year and half. I do all of the maintatence they tell me to do and flush the machine properly and I am so tired of these clogged print heads. Can anyone tell me what to do or have any suggestions for me other than somebody from SWF that keeps telling me I need more training, When i took 4 days off work to drive the machine down there and spent a day in private training with a tech on how to clean it and flush it and fix all the problems and I am now told by them. That I am wrong.... When you spend this kind of money on a machine an they keep telling you it is you. It gets old. I am ready to sell this maching unless someone can give me some good advice from a user.. DO NOT WANT TO HEAR From anyone at SWF on this post.....
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