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How far off am I on my silk screening pricing? Heres a breakdown.
20 $ flat screen fee. I may charge more for 3 screens or more based on the customer and the size of the order.

6-11 shirts $7.25 1 color.... 2 clr $10.25... 3 colr $13.25
12-24 shts $5.25 (1 clr)....$6.25(2clr)...$7.25(3 clr)
25 -49 $5 (1clr).... $5.75 (2clr)....$6.5(3 clr)
50-99 $4.75(1 clr)....$5.5 (2 clr).....$6.25(3clr)

I am thinking about raising everything by 1.50$
Ive also been around 6 months now so ppl know who I am too...
My rent for my space is 200$

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It's almost impossible for us to tell *you* how to price in your business.

Only you know your costs, electricity, labor, overhead, area competition.

What someone charges in NYC may not be what someone else charges is Redding, CA.

Figure out all of your costs and figure out how much profit you want to make per order and work through it that way :)
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