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If you talk about POD yes, perhaps Zazzle comes out on top. However, as a fulfillment service for new/small brands it does not. I wanted to launch my own store/brand there. I gave up:

1) Their prices are way too high (at least for my "niche"-printed tees). To give an example, a printed black tee gets about $27(DTG), the designer puts his 5-10% on top of that. This has to compete with brands out there selling (better quality) screen printed tees, with double the printed area for $24 or less, sometimes a lot less,.

2) For a brand, being on Zazzle means being next to literally thousands of people selling pictures of their cat on mugs and shirts. Not sure about others but would not want my brand associated with that.

3) No branding for sellers on the actual product/packaging.

POD when you want a poster, yes. Making a store to promote a brand... no, thank you.

ETA...This is just my personal view on the matter.
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