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How do you work out overheads per print?

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I'm just starting out with screen printing and have been asked to give a quote for some hoodies with a simple 1 colour text only print (half the order black ink on light colour hoodies, the other half order white ink on darker colour hoodies)
Obviously i know how much the hoodies cost but I don't know how to work out the costs per unit taking into account all overheads ie, hoodie, ink, electricity for dryer, and anything else that i can't think of.
any advice appreciated.
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Add up all monthly overhead expenses(electricity, rent, labor, advertising, etc). Divide this number by 160 (work hours in a month) to get your hourly overhead. Calculate how many hours the job will take, and make sure your order total is over this number. It will help to make a pricing grid based on colors and quantity so you can easily quote an order.
I set up how much I charge per color of ink, so say you want to charge 1$ for the first print, .90 for the second, .80 for the third and so on, I drop the price ten cents a color

The only other things I factor are Shirt cost, Shipping, and my profit level

I get about the same results as the work hours in a month method, but I am recouping my cost of labor and shop expense with the ink fee for the most part and I keep my profit consistent

I’ve not got a lot of records to factor my shop expenses yet, so I don’t have anything to base the work hours in a month off
Usually start off marking up the apparel

if you bought the hoodie for 7 dollars, mark it up to 10

and then add your ink costs

on Light Garments you dont need an underbase. So based on the quantity of shirts and create a bracket for example: 1-12 prints $2 dollars 12-24 $1.50
Then for additional color within the same bracket... i'd say about 30% of the initial color...
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